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by Bonini Bulga

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Ryan Knapp
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Ryan Knapp There is this omnipresent bleakness that washes over and consumes your thoughts. The dense vibrations, the rumbling waves, slice into this primordial vein of your being, one that is fathomless and unsullied by time. It whispers in cryptic vernacular. And somehow, it stirs solace. Full review: Favorite track: Sealed As One.
This Is Darkness
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This Is Darkness Bonini Bulga is a hypnotic experience. A subdued collection of tracks which rely heavily on various hardware to create their strange, otherworldly soundscapes. Tape loops make up much of its foundation. The loops having been connected to various equipment, like effects foot pedals and other machinery, take on a dark and mystical quality.
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”Beyond theophany and behind revelation, they arrived. Bonini and Bulga. An unlikely manifestation, of being and unbeing.

They stood there. They bowed and they bent the room they had entered.

Behind the Hierophant's mask, Bonini, with the power to know, to shift and to unveil. The paths of hidden light and eclipses turning inward. A cowled head, overlooking thought.

Behind the mask of the Other, Bulga, with the power to create, to root and to merge. All shapes there to inhabit, all geometries there to unfold. A crowned head, overlooking process.

And they sang. Sealed as one.”

- Pär and Åsa Boström


Sealed consist of bleak, minimalistic music made by Pär Boström, using synthesizers, effect pedals and loops. The album was recorded in 2017.

The physical album is included as a cassette in The Solar Zine issue 3, and packaged in a screen-printed paper box, made by Primeval Vision. It can be bought here:


released June 21, 2017



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Bonini Bulga Umeå, Sweden

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